Rafter's Port

A beautiful Seaside resort and fishing village, Rafters port lies on the east coast of Wholthal, halfway between Lebering and Fett.


Rafter’s Port has a long history of seafood and coral production. Up until twenty years ago, the city was notable for two things: The amount of gnomes kept as slaves, and the fact that although coastal, no wholding occured there.

Twenty years ago, gnome slaves, lead by the mysterious figure Conquest, rebelled against their masters. The gnomes claimed the north-eastern part of the town, and started to make lives for themselves as free citizens.

The lack of wholding at Rafter’s Port means that it’s one of the few urban coastal regions in which the sea is fit for swimming, and fit for fishing. Consequently, some of the best fish and particularly shellfish in the country is produced here.



Gnome Slum
The Strip
Old Port
Shell Beach

Rafter's Port

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