Guild of Landlords

An old, powerful organisation, run by the five wealthiest landlords of Wholthal.


Formed four hundred years ago by the then wealthiest Landlords of the country, the guild was supposedly created in order to provide regulation for rent, and bring consistency to the quality of property throughout the land. In actual fact, the Guild is run more like a mafia; designed to make it incredibly difficult for common people to buy land, and even more difficult for weaker landlords to acquire new property.

Current Leadership

Grand Lord: Kalos Etzal
Lord of Surewater: Peuwano Deeroti
Lord of Wholsong: Yalef Johns
Lord of Rendring: Garuk Rendern
Lord of Innis: Michael Demerren


The thieves’ guild have sworn a war on the leaders of the guild of landlords, citing gross nepotism, corruption and incompetence as justification for blooshed and open rebellion.

Guild of Landlords

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