Rot Orcsome

a working-class orc from rendring


LVL: 6
AC: 19
HP: 60

Rot enjoys twin-striking foes and ripping them apart with both blades. Killing is satisfying if it feels deserved. Orcs are not usually seem as deliverers of justice, but she once poisoned a man for ruining the lives of a friend’s family.



Rot Orcsome is a young orc from the industrial town of Rendring. Her parents own a small factory, but the life of a working-class orc is notoriously gruelling so Rot left Rendring in search of money and fortune to support her family with. She is a follower of Gruumsh, but no longer actively practices her religion.

Now-civilised orcs have a limited view of the world, since most of their time is spent working, sleeping or socialising with other orcs. Since meeting with her Blue Mother companions, Rot has become aware of a life outside Rendring. She has tasted oysters and is slowly starting to understand the whimsical activities of lesser creatures like music and theatre. She now owns an (abrasive) black dress, admittedly in tatters, and got her left ear pierced whilst on an adventure. She really likes horses.

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Rot Orcsome

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