The Blue Mother

20th of August - Battle with the Ultra-Crayfish

In attendance: Gremio di Zorba, Harborea Hofflebod, Rot Orcsome and Cap’n Jack Kracken.

After a difficult fight with a group of terrifying demons, our heroes made their way back from the gnome slum to shell beach, to discuss their plans and share dinner. En route, Gremio, distracted by a group of street urchins, decided to join in their game. After a physics-defying leap, Gremio caught the little stone the children were playing with, and became an instant hit with the group. He challenged the lead scamp to hit him with a stone, and after being hit squarely in the chest, gave up a gold piece to each child.

The group of four sat on shell beach, an idyllic stretch of crustacean-sourced, biodegradeable sand. They had donuts and shellfish for dinner – Cap’n Jack was brave enough to mix the two. It became clear that Rot was very keen on meeting with Grum the following day, although she kept insisting that it had been Gremio who had taken a shine to the surly young orc.

After dinner, they heard a catchy tune whistled on the air, and turned to see Oysters, making his way along the beach with his last oysters of the day. He chatted to the group about how they were getting on with their enquiries, and mentioned his very open dislike of Bogrum, based on his attempts to tax the 50 silver pieces Oysters makes each day. The group found out that Oysters is homeless by choice, enjoying sleeping on the beach and swimming in the sea by day.

Before it got much later, the group headed to the Leaky Barrel to turn in. Magnus made his way hastily to his room, to pray to Sehanine and prepare for the next day’s travail. The rest of the group spoke to Mandala (who seemed much warmer towards them this time) and found out that she has an unusual level of knowledge about demons, and creatures of chaos. When pressed on the subject, Mandala explained that she didn’t feel as though she knew the group quite well enough to tell them about her past, btu that perhaps, with time, she would confide in them. Magnus came down and started drinking, just as the rest of the group headed up to bed.

Harborea tried to share Gremio’s bed with him, in an innocent attempt to keep him company. Disgusted, Gremio left the bed, making excuses to the odd, intelligent, uncharismatic dwarf.

Rot dreamt of Grum that night.

The next morning, grumpy, the group headed to the fish market. Surprised by the bustle, and smell of fish, they noticed Grum on stage, writing notes in a ledger as fish are sold. In order to get his attention, Rot pays ten times the market value for a six foot tuna. It gets his attention. After the auction is over, the group asks Grum (who’s being a little mean to Rot, in the traditional Orcish flirting fashion) to take them to his office. On the way, they question him about Ardella Gaunt, the heiress to the Gaunt family’s business. He explains that she is nice enough, but a little odd, sometimes leaving the office for hours at a time, and keeping strange hours.

At the office, there is a crowd of concerned citizens outside the front door. From inside, comes a blood curdling scream. Gremio, without a moment’s hesitation, charges full speed into the building. The interior of the first room is lavish, decorated with expensive oil paintings and fish statues.

It is, however, empty of people. The group head through into the corridor, and find a trail of blood, clearly left by a dragged body. Gremio, using stealth, creeps up to the door leading out of the corridor and peeps through.

He is taken aback by a monstrous sight:

A huge, betentacled Crayfish stands over the crushed corpse of a women. The creature sprays blood from its nostrils, and its crazed eyes move rabidly around the room. Having secured the element of surprise, the group rush the creature, surrounding it, before unleashing their first round of blows. In response, the creature extends despair and doom over the group, forcing them to hurt each other, and grabbing and crushing with its claws.

After a pitched battle, the team fell the monstrosity, with Gremio landing a mighty killing blow.

Harborea, upon examining the gruesome remains, deduced that this ‘rift’ between the planes would have had to have been much more targeted than the others: someone specifically wanted that fell taint to possess the body of that giant crayfish.

They then find, on the ground, a diary of surveilance: Ardella Gaunt had been watching the offices and activities of the East Wholthal Company for many months…


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